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3 things I learned as a Graphic Designer

Trust Yourself

The most important foundation when being a freelance graphic designer, is trusting yourself in the process. This can refer to your morals, your vision, and the people you desire to work with. If you have confidence in what you do, the input of others who are not in your position will not matter in the long run.

Be Consistent

When it came to me seeing the word “consistency” mentioned a plethora of times on social media, it used to be redundant. Turns out, consistency can lead to longevity, if you’re effective in how you put yourself out there. Be consistent, in your growth, improving your craft, being teachable to what’s up and coming, rather than posting without a plan and calling that “consistency”.

Be Yourself

In a time of different design trends going viral on social media, it’s important to stick to what you consider beneficial based on your systems. Do you sell services? Do you sell pre-made graphics? Which programs do you think produce quality work? As well as this…. do they align with what you do as a graphic designer? Stick with the platforms you vouch for!

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