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Communicating Content Ideas

Updated: Sep 4, 2022

Content creation can feel intimidating, when you’ve been given the impression of having it all together in order to be deemed as “valuable”.

It’s less about the amount of something, and more about what you can work with.

You may be under the impression of needing 30 photos, 50 products, 20 services, 2k followers, and chased exposure to deem your content as “valuable”.

Realistically, all it takes is a couple of professional photos to promote your staple service/product, consistent promos, and working on your craft.

Having ideas in place for content creation won’t be hard, once you narrow down your goal + create steps that will help you reach that goal.

This happens by asking yourself the following questions:

🤔 “what product images help my products stand out?”

🤔 “What taglines go with the experience of my brand?”

🤔 “What colors are going to define the benefits of what I do for my audience?”

💡Once you are clear of your starting point for formulating content ideas, you get clarity on how intentional you want to be with your content.

This can be related to anything: sales, questionnaires, quotes, products, memes, etc.

Having all of this information in mind as your starting point, will make the process of generating content ideas less intimidating.

⬇️: Comment below some of your concerns/struggles with content!


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