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Creating Generational Wealth

We all want to create generational wealth, a path for future generations to inherit the foundation we set for them.

How many will dedicate time to exploring their creativity? Explore this moment to cultivate your purpose/interest. What’s something you’ve always looked forward to tapping into, but didn’t have the drive nor resources to start?

In your earliest days, society has denied you access to your capabilities + talents. This year is the opportunity for you to give your all to what you’ve enjoyed in your reminiscent days. We have all the information we need to nurture what we all once knew.

Spend time with the different sides of yourself + tune into the vision you have, and what you see yourself accomplishing years from now. Create realistic short term goals, which can eventually manifest into long term goals.

Be realistic with what brings you joy, and what you’re committing to. It won’t be easy when you first start out. You will start feeling scared, second guessing, or nonchalant about it when you first start out. However, the more you encourage yourself to be present, the better you’ll rediscover the joy you once had.

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