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Design Concepts for Talitha Jane

This project is one of the most important projects I’ve ever worked on.

When it came to me being a subscriber of Talitha Jane for a long time, seeing her be consistent with her passions had me thinking, “I really want to work with her one day”. I became attracted to her based on her dedication in what she does, and her giving advice to other aspiring social media influencers. By the end of 2022, I knew immediately I wanted to work with her. It’s solely based on her energy she presents, and less about how known she is for what she does.

The beginning of 2023, situations took a turn for the worst. She announced her channel’s deletion, and her frustration connected to that. I felt bad at first, then an idea suddenly popped into mind. A goal of mine I’ve been on top of, is to work with YouTubers for the year. Just because she has to start small, it didn’t change my plans and desires to still work with her. As I observed her channel:

  1. She uploaded a couple of her recent videos that were originally on her channel.

  2. Her current banner has a white background, with her name on it.

  3. She doesn’t have an intro like she used to for Vlogmas.

In her video, she addressed her frustrations, along with her keeping a positive attitude. One statement she made, was that everything happens for a reason. She has faith in the process of the restoration of her channel, and believes God will make a way for her. Other subscribers commented encouraging messages, we all got the impression this is a way of saying “New Chapter” VS a “Major Loss”. I figured, this is an opportunity for me to create different graphics for her in the midst of her starting over. I envisioned different ideas for us working together; alongside her channel, her having another platform dedicated to mentorship will have me confident in translating the experience to visuals.

These are the following YouTube graphics I thought of…

  • A banner

  • An intro

  • An outro, or an end card…

Because she’s goal oriented about her maturity/growth, I decided I’ll do 2 different themes of YouTube graphics dedicated to her; one is themed sophisticated and classy, another is themed casual and bougie. I go to her Instagram immediately, since that’s where all her photos are. The color red is fitting for her when it comes to how she styles her outfits.

At first, I decided I’ll only do 2 different banners for her. However, because of me aiming to do a portfolio dedicated to YouTube graphics, it’s only right for me to do intros and end cards to match the themes of the banners. For my first banner, it took me some time to see what look I wanted to go for. The more I experimented with the visual, the more it all started to come together for me.

With me designing this banner, it set the foundation for how the intro video and end card would look. Moving on to the intro, it was tedious than I expected. Eventually, I got myself together with another way to approach doing the video. As I got my collages, transitions, and texts down packed, everything started coming together. The process of doing the beginning of the intro took so much trial and error, and it came together beautifully.

As I worked on all the concepts, I screen recorded the process along the way (which was pretty draining, yet worth the content I needed). Although she has not reached out to me to do these concepts for her, I take gratitude that I have different opportunities to showcase what I can do for others; especially if it can take their brands to the next level. This also applies for making an impact on others with my art.

These past weeks have been productive, and tedious, since the timing of my projects have been somewhat last minute. Nonetheless, I managed to get all my content out and posted. With all the links/media being attached, I hope you enjoyed reading about this experience, along with the designs I made for her YouTube channel.

If you'd like to check out my design processes, visit my YouTube channel:

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