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Do not compromise your value.

In other words, aim for what your worth is!

I’ve had moments in my design career, where I faced many temptations to settle…

Settle in my desired income.

Settle in my dream client.

Settle in my design presentation.

Settle in how I present myself.

Settle in who I partnered with.

Settle, settle, settle…. Everything was settling!

As beneficial + comforting as those times were, I came to realization that it’s time for me to level up + require different.

This is the moment I grew confidence in what I’m worth. And encouraged myself to be okay with my desires, rather than settlements.

The moment you settle with your brand, you settle for “potential”.

You spend a lot of time playing it safe, rather than being patient in the process + giving your brand the investment it deserves.

Deep down, you wish you had the same courage as the next brand you look up to, seeing them accomplish many milestones + attain the clients they are persistent in promoting themselves to, because they didn’t settle.

They didn’t settle for potential, they didn’t settle for contentment. They scaled their brands to what they know their experiences are worth…

They had their trials and errors, like you did. They questioned the value of what they deliver, like you did. They dealt with displeasing clients, like you did. They felt tempted to go out of business, due to lack of clarity on direction, like you did.

You know what kept them going? Their change of mindset, which flipped their perspective of the system they had going on. Their new mindset became a game changer to the endless possibilities of their brand. They believed in themselves enough to keep going, whether they had 5 clients, 100 clients, or 2,000 clients.

It’s your responsibility to do the same.

⬇️: Comment below, what do you have a habit of settling on when it comes to your brand?

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