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Do’s + Dont’s of Branding

Updated: Jul 18, 2022

Do: experiment an ad for under $30, ask yourself if you get your money’s worth.

Don’t: consume hundreds of dollars on an ad, although you’re doubtful in the results.

Do: request a sample from a vendor supply to determine the experience being worthwhile.

Don’t: waste money on a large quantity from a vendor you’re unfamiliar with.

Do: research brands you plan to invest in, or collaborate with.

Don’t: allow the hype of brands to cloud your judgment on their wrongful + fraudulent business practices.

Do: research influencers you desire to collaborate with, to determine if their platform promotes what you sell.

Don’t: spend money on different influencers you’re unfamiliar with.

Do: be interactive with your audience; whether it’d be through polls, quizzes, memes, questionnaires, games, product favorites, etc.

Don’t: spam people who don’t align with what you sell.

Do: post a lifestyle, mixed with other factors that match your brand’s personality.

Don’t: post vendor pics, or post other media (pictures + videos) with no personality to it.

Do: Effectively communicate with your client about their needs. Be a problem solver, not a conflict escalator.

Don’t: Post screenshots on your stories, calling your clients names + cursing them out. And going on a rampage in an aggressive manner.

Do: price what you sell based on value, experience, branding investments, etc.

Don’t: convince yourself that pricing lower will equate to a “better” experience with clients.

Do: go after your passion.

Don’t: chase after the trends.

Full list in my Ebook, available here.

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