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Getting acknowledged by my celebrity crush!

I will always remember my African celebrity crush, Timini Egbuson, acknowledging my art!

It was one week when I tried every method to get noticed by him.

• hashtags

• pages to tag

• taking note of how he interacts with supporters

• seeing how he uses each social media platform

• tagging him in all my posts

• Posting my Reel + TikTok in hopes that it goes viral enough for him to see it

I tried all of the above + more, it did nothing.

So I told myself, "he will come across it one day" and moved on to my other business ventures.

One day I saw a couple of notifications on the page I posted on, and surprisingly it was him! I saw his name in my mentions. He liked, commented, AND reposted my instagram Reel on his story. I freaked out + screamed.

I felt like I was being spoiled with his acknowledgement.

Next thing you know, he took my Reel views from 230 to 9.8k. This is a Nigerian celebrity with 1 million followers, so this became a big deal to me regarding how many of his followers also saw my art.

My next goal was to get a follow from him on Twitter or Instagram, I got interaction notices from him on Twitter, and I went through his following list to determine whether or not a follow from him is achievable. One day I tweeted him an affirming tweet, and I got a follow from him a couple minutes after. I freaked out about it, because of how unexpected it was. I was thinking it would take me at least a week, or I needed to work for it.

I also think it's the help of my pinned tweet, which is a thread of him acknowledging me because of my art.

I share all of this to say, create your own opportunities + go after what you are passionate about!

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