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Having Promoters for your Brand

Updated: Mar 17, 2022

As you're on the search tor promoters, you want to keep in mind:

💡 what their audience would be interested


💡 what aligns with them.

These two elements are very important in order to have effective promotion that doesn't make you regret "throwing away money" on their services. 😓

— 💭 —

When you are looking on someone's page, what about them comes to mind? How does their social media presence make you feel? Do they align with your branding values?

— 💰 —

Spending money on promotions from IG Models who have 300k following, and the interest of their audience doesn't align with the characteristics of your business, does more damage than reaching out to a smaller page who could bring you clients because of what you deliver.

— 💎 —

High followings and likes mean nothing from an influencer, if they aren't transforming into sales. If you want to be on the same page as an influencer, be sure you're on the same page as them, and keeping them up to date on what's happening with your brand.

— 👋🏾 —

Don't be afraid to ask them how they're doing, how they are progressing with their brand, etc. it shows that you take interest in what they have going on, rather than treating them like a dollar sign. Allow their needs & concerns to be a top priority.

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