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Investing in a Designer

Updated: Jun 16, 2022

When you're investing in a designer,

you want to do thorough research on who they work with, their reviews, and the quality of their work.

⤷ Things to keep in mind when investing in a designer:

✓ How will their services benefit me?

✓ What is their communication system?

✓ What is their history with other clients?

✓ Are they able to put together my branding aesthetic based on their portfolio?

✓ Are they committed to their TAT (turn around time) schedules?

✓ What files do they provide for my branding graphics?

✓ Are they willing to get to know my branding needs?

⤷ Things to NOT keep in mind when investing in a designer:

✕ How much are their services?

✕ Do they freestyle concepts?

✕ Are they able to do different versions of my logo?

✕ Can they copy a concept done by another


✕ Are they able to utilize images I found online?

✕ Can they make _____ pop?

✕ Are they okay with gaining exposure, even if I don't pay them?

The process of looking for graphic designer is understandable at times. But what to keep in mind, is not being fixated on pricing. You block your ability to invest in an opportunity that's worth an experience on

upgrading your brand/business.

If I were a client searching for graphic designers to work with; I'd rather base off their experience/how they treat their clients, than how much they charge to do something.

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