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Telling your designer you don’t like something.

Response prompt #1:


I thank you for taking the time to work on this. However, I’m not satisfied with ______. I would like to substitute this with _______.

Response prompt #2:


Thank you for the update. The design doesn’t match my essence yet. Would you like me to clarify my vision?

Response prompt #3:


Thank you for the response. I like where you are going, but I’m not resonating with _______. I would like to replace that with _____.

Response prompt #4:


I like these concepts. However, I don’t know if I was articulate with my vision. Can we get on a call to better discuss this?

Response prompt #5:


The concept that you formulated looks great. However, it doesn’t resonate with my brand. Is there a way we can talk in depth about this for a clear direction?

Response prompt #6:


These samples look great. I realized they don’t fit the vision that would suit my brand. I would like to go with a more _______ style/font instead. Let me know if that will work!

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