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What to know about Instagram Content

Updated: Mar 17, 2022


  • Content helps you to communicate your offer to others, and the experience you are presenting to them through visuals.

  • Visuals help you communicate representation

  • Polls help you communicate the interests of your clients

  • Q&A’s help you communicate why your brand holds value in all areas

  • Your branding aesthetic helps you communicate the experience

  • Your reviews help communicate the clientele satisfaction, and so forth.


  • Repurposing is another way of revitalizing your old content that still resonates with your brand.

  • This is something I love to do, that doesn't get discussed enough. Think about how many of your favorite brands have repurposed their branding through evolution.

  • Repurposing is easier than purposing brand new concepts, because you give new meaning to the knowledge you have before hand.


  • This element plays a huge role in your branding. from your style, to the colors you choose, to the fonts you choose, to the personality you attach to it.

  • Color is a top priority when it comes to your branding aesthetic, yet something that people juggle. your branding colors express the experience that you want your brand to give.

  • Keep in mind to prioritize the personality of your brand. In no way does it have to look like what 10 other pages are doing. What resonates with them, may not resonate with you.

  • Stick with what compliments what your brand represents.

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