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Why you need to provide a PNG file.

In this era of more people aspiring to be graphic designers, and commonly providing logo services, it’s an unspoken word for graphic designers to be required to give clients a PNG file. Logo files I commonly come across, are JPEGs with the logo attached to a colored background.

In cases where you’re creating profile pictures for a business, that routine would be applicable. In a case where you’re giving a logo to a client for them to utilize, having a background attached is unnecessary. Here are the benefits of giving your client a PNG file:

  • PNG files serve the purpose of having a transparent background.

  • With having a transparent background, a logo can be placed anywhere without a block attached to it.

  • PNG files are resizable and flexible, this is all because of the quality attached to this file type.

  • When a PNG file is being saved and posted repeatedly, the quality remains the same.

  • PNGs are highly beneficial for online, mainly web, usage.

When prepping a PNG file, it’s important to be sure that the logo is legible enough for your client’s audience to read the wording.

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