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Why your Instagram is Marketable

Your content will give them an idea on what you represent, provide, and the experience you create.

Do you offer courses?

Do you occasionally post tips?

Do you sell products?

Do you post a lifestyle?

Are you interactive?

What are your interests?

What inspires you?

What’s your style?

What’s the aesthetic?

What’s the feel?

What’s the taste?

What’s the smell?

What are your solutions?

What’s your goal within the next 6 months?

If you are someone who prioritizes engagement, this is for you! Interactive posts are key to getting to know your audience, and keeping them in tune for what they’d like to see from you.

Examples of interactive content: • Polls

• Q&A

• This OR That

• Quizzes

• Client Reviews (video or commentary)

• Check ins (how are your clients?)

• Requests

• Memes

• Mood of the day/week/month/year

• Resourceful content (based on tools)

• Informative content (based on education + being informed)

If a social media coach/guru emphasizes simplifying your usernames, listen to them!

Keep in mind to avoid underscores, dots, and numbers if you can. Be consistent with your names.

A tip I recommend, is using a tool like this to make sure your name has availability across all platforms.

In case you didn’t know, Instagram has an option for businesses to have a shop feature. I believe this can only be enabled through Facebook, correct me if I’m wrong.

This is a great alternative for product based businesses that I recommend.

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