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For this service, we will be going through a brainstorming process based on the vision you have for your brand. I'm going to guide you on putting your ideas together, using Pinterest. Pinterest is a tool I always recommend clients to use, to enhance an idea of what direction they want their brand to take.


Our process is going to take place on Honeybook, where you are given a form to fill out based on the specs of your logo.


We will go through 3 revisions, additional revisions are $100.


What’s included:

  • Your logo
  • Submark - simplified version of your logo
  • Watermark - initials of your brand’s name
  • 3 Profile pictures - a display picture for your brand’s social media profiles
  • Black, white, and multi-colored versions of your logo
  • CMYK version - print
  • RGB version - web


In addition, you’ll be receiving a booklet that goes over the different logos + versions, regarding the purpose of each of them.

Logo Design Package

  • Turnaround time for all packages is 14-30 days. (excluding holidays + weekends)

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